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Sun protection and roller shutters for every situation imaginable.


We supply sun blinds and shutters for every conceivable situation (even if it concerns a special kind of sun blinds). Shadow Design Holland BV supplies both companies (also on a project basis) and private individuals. We do not only do this in the Netherlands. If you have a project abroad, feel free to ask for a quotation. We give an honest advice and make a quotation that is fully tailored to your situation, as complete as possible, to avoid surprises afterwards.

The sun blinds and shutters supplied by Shadow Design Holland BV can be divided into the following categories:

Shadow Design Holland supplies the following brands of sun protection fabric in its products:

  • Swela sunvas (polyester)
  • Swela vuscreen (polyester screen fabric)
  • Dickson (acrylic)
  • Tibelly (acrylic)
  • Sattler (acrylic)
  • Para Tempotest (acrylic)
  • Helioscreen (glass fibre fabric for screens)
  • Copaco (glass fibre fabric for screens)
  • Tibelly (glass fibre fabric for screens)
  • Somfy IO
    (remote controlled motor with Internet of Things connection)
    (remote controlled motors, battery powered, solar panels)


Creating shade at the desired location. That is where Shadow Design Holland BV helps you. We fully stand behind the quality of our products. In addition, we consider service a very important part of our service. We will fulfil what you may expect from us.

  • Sun protection – High-quality sun protection

  • Roll-dowwn shutters – Sun protection, insulation and privacy

  • Terrace roofing – Create extra living space

The products of Shadow Design Holland are produced in Europe. This way we guarantee the best quality.


It is our mission to advise the right products with the right advice, so that the customer always have an optimally functioning sun protection system for his or her situation. We supply what the customer needs and not just what is asked, since a consumer cannot be expected to be familiar with the entire range of sun protection products. With our many years of experience and strong network in the world of shading solutions, we are always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest techniques and technologies (see our battery-powered solar panel programme). It is our aim to let the consumer benefit directly from this.

We believe in the power of good sun protection, not only for increasing the comfort of the end user, but also to contribute to sustainability. Good sunprotection and roller shutters help to reduce heating costs and prevent excessive use of energy-guzzling air conditioning systems. Moreover, good sunprotection is almost indispensable when a house is equipped with a heat pump. By keeping the heat out naturally with sun blinds, a heat pump needs to deliver less capacity to heat up the house. Shadow Design Holland is constantly innovating and likes to be at the forefront of the newest techniques and technologies. For that reason, Shadow Design Holland is one of the first companies in the Netherlands dared to switch to screens and roller blinds which are equipped with motors with an integrated battery, powered by solar panels. Top sustainability and contributing to the preservation of the aesthetic value of the interior, because no cables enter the room anymore.

Shadow Design Holland only works with skilled people. That goes for our people who are on the phone, who make our calculations and for our fitters. Our broad knowledge of the world of sunprotection and our years of expertise ensure that we can be 100% committed. For a smooth process from the quotation phase, to handling the order and the assembly itself.

Our promise to the customer is that we will always advise what is the most suitable for the customer and his or her situation. This means that we sometimes have to sell ‘no’, if we think that a product does not contribute to the situation, or something is structurally impossible. Of course, we only say no after we have investigated all other possibilities. We promise that the product that is finally installed is ideal for the situation.

The guarantees of doing business with Shadow Design Holland are:

    • Always a professional advice, based on 25 years of experience
    • Our products are for the most part developed and produced in the Netherlands
    • Advice, measuring and assembly are always done by professionals
    • Service is written with a capital ‘S’. We have a good reputation to uphold and strive for a 100% satisfied customer base.




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