Screens are the most efficient form of sun protection. Shadow Design Holland BV supplies mainly zip-screens. The screen fabric has a zip welded to it that runs left and right into a plastic guidance. This makes the fabric windproof in all positions. The big advantage of screens is that they do not protrude from the façade and completely cover the window. In this way you keep the sun optimally out of the room. Another big advantage of screen fabric is that the outside view remains preserved. Screen cloths filter the UV light and the energy of the sunlight. This means a significant reduction in temperature inside, furniture remains protected and the view to the outside is retained.

Shadow Design Holland BV mainly supplies motorised screens with remote control. The Somfy motors (IO) we use are prepared to be controlled with an app on smartphone or tablet. We also have a lot of experience in screens with battery motors, which are charged by a solar panel on the screen. We use the technology from BREL MOTORS. A screen with a BREL battery motor and solar panel is mounted without the need to run a cable inside. A remote control is supplied to operate the screen.

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